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Welcome Furry Friends

Life can be RUFF. Relax in comfort with your furry friend at your side!

Pet Policy:

Pets Welcome Upon Approval.
Breed restrictions apply.

Pet Criteria

Our apartment community provides affordable rental housing and we are required to have a pet policy.

NOTE: Service animals that assist persons with disabilities are considered to be auxiliary aides and exempt from the Pet Policy, the refundable pet deposit, and the weight or size limitation but must abide by rules A, F, and H, and must fill out the REGISTRATION FORM and ALTERNATE RESPONSIBLE PARTY AGREEMENT FOR OUR PROPERTY RECORDS.

Having a pet in an apartment community is a very serious responsibility and will only be allowed if some rather stringent conditions are met. Facts that make it more serious than normal are:

  1. There are a large number of residents living very close together and most of them spend a considerable amount of time at home. Many of these residents lose their balance easily and could be injured if an animal caused them to fall and most of them do not want to be disturbed by the noise or smell of someone else's animals, and since some already have health problems, unhealthy or unsanitary conditions cannot be tolerated. Because of this, we must have stringent requirements for controlling pets on the property.
  2. Some residents would like to have a pet but are physically unable to care for one. Others are normally able but never know when they may be hospitalized or incapacitated, leaving a pet with no one to care for it. Because of this, we must have provisions for taking care of, or disposing of, a pet even if we are unable to get the resident's permission.
  3. Financial Responsibility for Damages: An animal can cause a considerable amount of damage to property under the best conditions. Under the conditions that exist in an apartment community, the probability of responsibility damages or other expenses is even greater. We must, therefore, make sure that residents are not only aware of that responsibility but are willing and able to handle it.

Under the pet policy, Common household pets are allowed but only if all of the rules and requirements explained herein are met. Common household pets are defined as domesticated animals such as dog, cat, bird, rodent, fish, or turtle.


The following rules have been established and must be met for a resident of this apartment community to have an animal on the property. Most of these rules are required by the federal government and are designed to help ensure that we PROVIDE A DECENT, SXAFE, SANITARY, LIVING ENVIRONMENT FOR EXISTING AND PROSPECTIVE TENANTS AND IN PROTECTING AND PRESERVING THE PHYSICAL CONDITION OF THE PROJECT.

These rules are:


    An animal ownermust register the animal at the project office BEFORE IT IS BROUGHT ONTO THE PROPERTYand the registration must be UPDATED at least ANNUALLY. This updating will normally be a part of your annual certification process. This registration must include:


      Sufficient to identify the animal and to demonstrate that it is a common household pet.


    All animals must be inoculated and licensed in accordance with STATE and LOCAL LAWS.


    A refundable pet deposit of $300.00 is required per pet by a resident in order to have a dog or cat. This deposit may be used to pay reasonable expenses directly attributable to the presence of the pet in the project, including (but not limited to) the cost of repairs and replacements to, and the fumigation of the tenant's dwelling unit and the cost of any animal care facility incurred to care for or dispose of the animal if the pet owner should become incapacitated. The pet owner is responsible for all damages caused by their pet, not just for the amount of the deposit. Any unused pet deposit will be refunded within 30 days of the time the pet is removed from the property and the manager is notified of the removal. For other information on deposit options or requirements, consult with management.


    No more than two dogs, cats, or other "warm-blooded animals" are allowed per household. The animal cannot weigh more than 25 pounds when fully grown. Other pets may be kept in reasonable quantities and sizes as determined by the owner. Non-acceptable canine breeds are: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepards, Husky, Malamute, Akita, Wolf-Hybrid, St. Bernard, Great Danes, Chows, Bull Mastiff and Standard Poodles.


    All animals must be appropriately restrained (on a leash or in a cage) and be kept under the control of a responsible individual at all times when it is in the project but outside of the dwelling units. They may not be allowed to run loose, unrestrained on the property, nor can they be tied to something in the common area or outside of the dwelling units. Pets are not allowed at all in the activities room, laundry room, office, or lobby, and they are allowed in the other common areas only when being taken to or from the property or the designated area for "walking pets".


    The designated area for "walking" (exercising or allowing to deposit waste) is the grassy area behind the building consult with management for locations. The animal owner must pick up pet droppings and dispose of it properly. The animal should never be exercised or allowed to deposit waste in the elevator, in the courtyard, on the sidewalks or walkways, in the parking lot, or other common areas. In the case of cats or other pets, a litter box or other appropriate methods of disposing of waste inside the dwelling unit may be used but the apartment must be kept clean, sanitary, and free of obnoxious odors. The animal owner may be charged a WASTE REMOVAL OF $25.00 PER OCCURRENCE any time it is necessary to clean up or remove waste in order to meet this reasonable standard rule. If this type of problem is allowed to continue, or recur, the animal registration will be canceled.


    Unregistered pets including visiting pets and offspring of registered pets are not allowed. All dogs and cats should be neutered or spayed in order to avoid the problems of having unregistered offspring and pets in excess of the allowable number.


    Management does not assume any responsibility for injuries or property damage caused by an animal. Since the owner is the one liable for any damages, we highly recommend that the animal owner carry liability insurance just in case their animal should cause someone to fall or cause damages in some other way.

Gateway of St. Joe apartments is proud to be a pet-friendly apartment community in Port St. Joe, FL. Call today to talk with one of our friendly staff members for more information; our phone number is 850-227-4917. We look forward to meeting your furry family members.